Introduction to Influencisim Edit

Influencisim is a theoretical form of Government that uses rumors or true facts of impartial representation and/or beneficial actions from the Government upon the people.

It can be explained as a advanced, even more embroidered type of Noocracy. As it promises a beneficial and fair outcome for civilians and other individuals, even if these occasionally associate with phony and false promises.

Forms of Influencisim Edit

Influencisim comes in two forms. These forms are the Apocryphal Influencisim, which more then less spreads false statements of giving impartial representation and/or benefits to the civilization. Then the Scrupulous Influencisim, which is the type of Influencisim which spreads ''true facts'' of proper representation in the Government and actually giving benefits to the people. 

History of Influencisim Edit

Influencisim is a theoretical Government form. It's ideology, ethics and word itself has just recently been coined. It's typical groundwork can be narrowed down straightly into a Liberal Democracy.  

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