Welcome to the Pseudo Everything WikiaEdit

Pseudo-Everything is a wiki where suitable, non-derogatory, and humane fictional, theo-and-hypothetical, and modern sociological, cultural & ethical topics, beliefs and people[1][1]are defined, educated about and pondered upon.

Examples are:

  • Theoretical or Hypothetical Conundrums, terms, ideas, etc.
  • Explanations and/or any subjects related to Pseudosciences.
  • Unofficial, but exceptionable terms. The biggest example would be Influencisim, coined by the Owner and is unofficial. Other examples can be found here: Exceptionable Terms
  • Theological [Religious Sciences] beliefs, ideas/ideologies, philosophy etc. [Theological matters are the big ones]
  • Any further and related topics to any of these examples.

If you have over-the-top or non-exceptionable topics created here, they will be removed. This would count as: Urban Terminology, a users own pseudo-beliefs and/or creations: Pseudo-Creation Regulation.



  • Owner: CaptainAlphaWiki22
  • Co-Owner/Chief Administrator: TBA
  • Chief Moderator/Chief of Filtering: TBA
  • Executive Editor [Joint-Worker with 3iC, goes over Grammatical, Punctuation and Spelling Errors]
  • Editors
  • Moderators [Delete/Warn Unexceptionable, against-policy and/or inappropriate pages, also users]

Policies: Edit

  1. Pseudo-Creation Regulation
  2. Exceptionable Terms
  3. TBA
  4. TBA
  5. TBA

More policies to come and to be added.

Latest activityEdit

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